Green Hill Baptist Church has been a beacon of light to the folks in the Blackman/Almaville community for the past 56 years. The church began in 1948 with a series of tent meetings held by the Associational Missionary Bro. A.M. Nicholson. For the first 40 years the area around the church was farm land. The people of the church worked hard trusted in the Lord and treated each other like family. In the past 10 years many of the farmers have sold their land and new homes now dot the landscape. Most of the people now travel to Murfreesboro, Smyrna or Nashville to work.

My wife and I first met the folks at Green Hill in 1985 when I came to be their pastor. From the very first day we have been treated like family. Today, even though there are no farmers left, we still maintain that simple philosophy of treating everyone like family. In fact it is our policy to try our best to turn visitors into friends on the very first visit. After the first visit, well you're just family.

If you live close by and would like to worship with others in the community, please stop by. You might just find that there is a place for you at Green Hill.


Leonard Rader, Pastor