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general information

Calendar is created using JavaScript and cookies to simulate a fully functional calendar database.

You can:

  • set, edit, or delete multiple reminders for a given day
The calendar will:
  • alert you when you have a reminder for the current day
  • give you the number of reminders or show you a monthly list



Calendar default view displays the current month. It highlights the current day and also displays a reminder notification in the day box if a reminder exists. Mousing over the reminder will also show the number of reminders set for that particular day.

Reminder Alerts occur when the calendar is initially loaded.

  • changing months
  • reminders
  • alerts


changing months

To change the view to a different month, click on the arrows in each top corner of the calendar. Calendar is also equipped to go to the most recent century (pre 1999).

<< - This link will go back one month

>> - This link will go forward one month



Reminders can be seen from the calendar view if a reminder exists. A reminder graphic will appear in the day box when a reminder is set. Mousing over the reminder will also show the number of reminders set for that particular day.

Clicking on the Month will display a list of all dates with reminders bulleted below.

To go to the Day Scheduler, simply click on the date you wish to schedule.

note:* see limitations



A Reminder Alert will appear when the calendar html file is loaded initially. The alert will inform you of the number of alerts for the current day set.

Click OK to close the alert and the calendar file will finish loading in the browser window.

After the alert is closed it will not reappear unless all browser instances are closed and the page is reloaded.


day scheduler

Day Scheduler can help to manage your reminders. The toolbar at the top of the window allows you to set and delete reminders.

The date is also display to help ease navigation and avoid not knowing which day is being set with a reminder.

  • creating new reminders
  • editing existing reminders
  • deleting reminders


creating new reminders

To set a reminder, click on the set reminder link on the Day Scheduler window. Once there, simply input the text into the text box and click on set reminder below the text box.

To cancel, click on Day Scheduler at the top of the screen.

Once set, Day Scheduler will appear with the new reminder listed in the grey area box.


editing existing reminders

To edit a reminder, simply click on the reminder text. This will bring you to the edit screen.

The screen shows the current reminder text and a text box where you can input the new text. If you want to modify the existing text, click on current text to pre-populate the text box with the current text.

Once editing is complete, click on set reminder below the text box and Day Scheduler will appear with the new modified text in the grey area box.


deleting reminders

To delete a reminder or multiple reminders, select the check box of the reminder(s) you wish to delete.

Click on delete reminder(s) to delete the reminders. Day Scheduler will automatically resequence the reminder list.


technical information

For more specifics on Calendar, please choose from the following list:

Calendar is coded for both IE 4.0+ and Netscape 4.0+

  • version
  • limitations
  • bugs
  • updates
  • author



Calendar 1.0.2



Javascript and cookies is no replacement for a real database. Cookies are limited by the number of cookies and the amount of information a cookie can hold.

All information is stored locally on the user's machine.

All reminders for one day are set to expire 14 days after it is set.

If used improperly, Calendar will crash the browser.



There are no bugs as of yet.... ....



1. Have holidays displayed.

2. Have ability to have reoccurring reminders

(not sure about this since the cookies expire in fourteen days)

3. More graphic support



greg quilop
[email protected]