2006 Mission Trip to Harrison Chilhowee in Seymour Tennessee

The Green Hill mission team returned June 10th from a fun and productive week at Harrison Chilhowee.
Special thanks to Max and Jean Burnette for coordinating this trip.

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Mission Team

From left to right: Pastor Rader, Bob Hickey, Morris Sullivan, Bob Siddens, Max & Jean Burnette, Matthew Hurtt, Paul Bailey, Richard Davenport.

Campus Building

Bob Siddens

One of the projects was removing a concrete porch and stairway.

Bob Hickey

Richard Davenport and Bob Siddens


Richard Davenport

Camera Shy?

Shower Remodel

One of our projects was remodeling a shower and bath in one of the Academy houses.


This year the Academy provided breakfast and lunch for our mission team.

Matthew Hurtt

Matt takes a well deserved rest Tuesday night during the ice cream fellowship.

Richard Davenport

Grandpa Max

Max and Jean have family members who live in East Tennessee. Each year they drop by for the ice cream fellowship.

Bob Siddens

Bob eats a bowl of ice cream in honor of a team member who was unable to be with us this year.

Paul Bailey & Max Burnette

Paul Bailey

Max Burnette

Multi-talented Max playing the Mandolin.

Paul Bailey

Bob Hickey


Richard Davenport & Matt Hurtt

Richard offers some supervisory assistance.

Matt Hurtt & Morris Sullivan

Paul Bailey

Here Paul is installing a vent fan in the bathrooms of the auditorium

Paul Bailey

Morris Sullivan

Capturing the moment