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Green Hill Baptist Church began in 1948 with a series of tent meetings held by A.M. Nicholson, the Associational missionary.
The Church organized and held it's first business meeting on August 11, 1948. The following minutes were submitted.

The meeting of the newly organized Baptist Church was held at the tent at 8:30 p.m. on the day of August 11, 1948, which was a special meeting date in accordance with a motion made at the last meeting of the members. Bro. A.M. Nicholson read the devotion and Bro. Andrew Malone lead in prayer. Bro. A.M. Nicholson was elected moderator and Dora Lee Anderson was elected clerk and kept the minutes thereof.

The first business of the meeting was selecting a name for the church. After a discussion of a group of names, a motion was made, seconded, voted on and passed that the church be named The Greenhill Baptist Church.  The following were elected to act as officers in the church:
      Bro. Reuben Bell                    Treasurer & Superintendent
      Eleanor Anderson                 Sunday School Secretary
Bro. William Anderson offered an acre of ground to build the Baptist church on. A motion was made, seconded and carried that the offer be accepted.

The following came by letter to be united with the group as members of the new church:
     Bro. F.M. Hale - from Florence
     Mrs. Aubrey Smotherman - Republican Grove
     Bro. Horace Hale - Florence
     Mrs. Horace Hale - Florence
     Peggy Joyce Hale - Florence
A motion was made, seconded and carried that all members that join within the next thirty days be charter members.

The following were elected to act as Trustees of the church: Bro. F.M. Hale, Bro. Horace Hale, and Bro Jesse Travis. A motion was made, seconded and carried that the Trustees draw money from the Treasury and get a deed for the church ground. Bro. Horace Hale was elected Chairman. Upon motion made, seconded, and carried, Bro. William Anderson, Bro. Horace Hale, and Bro. REuben Bell were elected to serve as a committee to decide on the size of the building, material, etc.

A motion was made, seconded and carried that the baptizing of the new members be held Sunday August 14, 1948 at the Stewarts Church at 2:30 p.m. The following were appointed to act as a committee to take up collection for building fund.
     Ethelene Hale                               Mr. F.M. Hale
     Horace Hale                                 Bill Anderson
     Lytle Smotherman                        Georgia Anderson
     Junior Anderson                           Bro. Reuben Bell
     Mrs. Reuben Bell                          Dora Lee Anderson

Upon motion made, seconded, and carried, the clerk was authorized to order record books and draw funds from the Sunday School Treasury to pay for them.

Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned, with prayer by Bro. Reuben Bell.

                                                    Dora Lee Anderson


The church continued to meet and grow. Rev. Ralph Brannon was called in February 1950 as their first bi-vocational  pastor. The church would not call a full-time pastor until 1992.

 In 1995 the church build a new modern worship center. As with the first building, this was built with a host of volunteers. The first work began in March 1995. The building was completed and dedicated on homecoming day, September 1995.

 To date the church has had 17 men serve as pastors. Our current pastor, Bro. Rader, served from 1985 - 1989 while attending college. He returned in 1994 and has been serving since.




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