About Us
Green Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1948 after a series of tent meetings held by the  Concord  Association Director of Missions, A.M. Nicholson. We are an autonomous church that  freely affiliates with the  Concord Baptist Association, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

As a people of faith our highest priority is authentic worship. We believe that worship is more than just a Sunday event. Worship is a lifestyle, a way of daily living that honors God.

 As a people of faith we are committed to worshipping God through Love, Obedience, Virtue and Enthusiasm.

    Love - Worship begins with the right attitude. We believe that the bible teaches genuine love for God,  for others and ourselves.

    Obedience - Worship is the surrender of self in every area of our lives. Worship is accomplished through complete obedience to God.

    Virtue - As people of faith our goal is to live lives of moral excellence. God gives us the strength to live above the vices of this world.

    Enthusiasm - True happiness is found in relationships. Life's greatest joy is discovered when we live in a right relationship to God.

At Green Hill we place an emphasis on spiritual growth. As Christians we are expected to grow throughout our lives. Our spiritual growth should be easily identified by others.

The bible is God's Holy Word and offers direction for our lives. It is our all sufficient guide to faith and practice.